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We are actively involved in many social projects, also we offer sponsorships and support the Noteaboutlife Association with their School for Parents project.

The School for Parents aims to fill a major void within our current society, namely education in the family space. We aim to support parents through 6 courses with a duration of 6 weeks for various age groups.

The project aims to implement methods and strategies necessary for the harmonious development of children, through the education process. Topics covered will include teaching of values and ethical behaviour to parents such as the importance of “7 years of home education.” In addition, we focus on areas such as cognitive, motivational and emotional development, time management, self-identification and child development, parental techniques and more.

We are firmly convinced that parenting programs have been developed to strengthen family unity.
We annually support financially and technologically this kind of projects and invest in the School for Parents.
Our charity work supports community and local stakeholders in assessing existing resources and different social needs.
We develop sustainable partnerships with the local authorities and consultative community structures so we can help families and children at risk.