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Lucian Mustata
CEO and Founder
The man who makes things happen. His appearance in Forbes Romania 2014, but also on various television channels brought him the nickname of Mark Zuckerberg of Romania.

Dragos S.
Sales Manager
Project analyst and marketing consulting. Calm, dedicated and optimistic, exactly how a member of our team has to be.

Cristian S.
Full stack developer
Contributes with energy and enthusiasm in the projects. In his spare time he plays the guitar in a band he has formed with his close friends.

Alexandru G.
Designer & Web developer
Our web design specialist. He makes the magic happen! The kind of man that does not leave things half done.

Mikele S.
Backend developer
Loves technology and art, especially music. In his spare time he plays guitar and travels.

Ovidiu A.
Backend developer
Ovi is a man of style! Specialist on web development services. Calm, optimistic and very involved in everything he does.

Eduard L.
Backend developer
Backend developer in our team. He has a passion for traveling. Serious and highly creative.

Philip A.
iOS developer
Our Mobile Application Specialist. His experience is appreciated by both colleagues and friends, but especially by clients.

Calin V.
Drupal & Php developer
Outstanding spirit, team player, ready for new challenges.